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The essential DIY books for improving food and beverage profit, and more!

69 Tips

for Better Food and Beverage Profits

69 tips for better food and beverage profit

This is a solid DIY field guide to help you improve profit and operational performance. Built on a stack of realistic tips and action plans you can use today to have better profit tomorrow. Starting from today, you can improve the profit and financial performance of your F&B establishment and build on the relationships with your key stakeholders.

101 More Tips

for Better Food & Beverage Profit

101 more tips for better food and beverage profit

This is the second book of the series with even more lessons for managers of food-related businesses. Each tip is presented in its own concise chapter that includes specific action items readers can apply to their own companies, organized by theme—inventory management, profitability, staffing, and menu selection are some of the major topics covered.

Who Are These Books For

Restauranteurs | Hoteliers | Chefs | Managers | Teachers​ | Staff and more!

Working in a hotel or restaurant is a great adventure and working in Food & Beverage is a constant challenge. Every day brings new discoveries. It is a non-stop learning experience. As the owner, operator or manager, of an operation, I am sure you love all of these challenges; it is what makes the job so interesting!

Mike Walmsley has been working in the industry for more than 20 years, and still loves it! As a teacher, Mike understands the importance of learning. Without learning, businesses plateau and then lose customers. In this fast-paced environment, having the right information is key.

Topics Covered

  • Staffing
  • Suppliers
  • Inventory storage
  • Inventory control
  • Keeping track of details
  • Return on Investment
  • All about inventory
  • Costs – sales mix & cost of sales
  • Food cost
  • Tips for food purchasing
  • Pricing, menus and standardization
  • The best of beverage cost

  • Company culture
  • Staffing tips
  • Recruitment and orientation
  • Employee development and retention


Mr. Dana A. Koteen

Restaurant Manager

Tame the chaos, increase the performance of your business. There are tips in this book the most successful, renowned restaurateurs I’ve worked with in New York City are applying every day to achieve their top-notch status.

Ken Takeuchi

Business Professor, BCIT

This book is a MUST READ for any owner or manager in the food and beverage industry. Attaining better and higher profits is all about paying attention to details in both the human factor and the numbers side of things. Using this easy to read and execute tip book can only improve the bottom line.

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