69 Tips for Better Food and Beverage Profits

This is a solid DIY field guide to help you improve profit and operational performance. Built on a stack of realistic tips and action plans you can use today to have better profit tomorrow. Starting from today, you can improve the profit and financial performance of your F&B establishment and build on the relationships with your key stakeholders.

Designed to be easily read… breaking down some difficult topics to come up with realistic tips to improve your bottom line. [read more]

Jean Marc

…tips the most successful, renowned restauranteurs I’ve worked with in New York City are applying every day. [read more]


…the TAPS are real eye openers. [read more]

Ann Foster

101 more tips for better food and beverage profit

101 More Tips for Better Food & Beverage Profit

This is the second book of the series with even more lessons for managers of food-related businesses. Each tip is presented in its own concise chapter that includes specific action items readers can apply to their own companies, organized by theme—inventory management, profitability, staffing, and menu selection are some of the major topics covered.

Walmsley has laid out 101 Tips… as well as his first book with incredibly valuable information that anyone can use to improve their restaurant operation’s profitability. It’s broad-based and it addresses many aspects of our business, not just the numbers.

Mike is an expert at what he writes and is passionate about it. This book is an important tool for like-minded hospitality professionals. Take note of the clear and measurable actions he provides with each one of his 101 tips. There is something here for all constituents of our business. [read more]

David Lund
The Hotel Financial Coach

A comprehensive guide to restaurant management… targeted to a niche that it serves well, with advice that can be used and understood by food service professionals at all levels of experience. Readers looking to understand the fundamentals of running a restaurant or searching for inspiration for improving productivity will find the volume a valuable tool. [read more]

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