Mike Walmsley

Mike Walmsley

Vibrant and fast paced, the food and beverage industry is unparalleled for its vitality! Grow your business and create your own success and meeting the pace can be challenging. Let me be your trusted source when it comes to managing the daily challenges of managing your establishment and making it a profitable endeavour that your efforts deserve.

Based on my years in food and beverage management in independent operations and two international hotel chains in a career that spans Canada, my books are written to address many of the daily challenges and at the same time maintain or enhance profitability.

Let these books help you “tame the chaos and increase the financial performance of your business!” as (Mr.) Dana Koteen points out many of these tips are used every day to achieve success by renowned restaurateurs in New York, why not you?

As a trusted contributor at Typsy.com and a faculty member in the School of Business + Media at BCIT in Vancouver, Canada I work with students and professionals on business management, business development and new business start-ups across a broad range of industries. You are welcome to tap into my experience and I am more that pleased to share my knowledge with you.

Join me as I explore my tips and action plans to help you achieve the business success your establishment and your team are capable of. As well as my two current books, I regularly post tips and actions to help you maximize the performance of your business by addressing the needs of your key stakeholders.

Why not visit Amazon today and grab your own copies of 69 Tips and 101 Tips and start improving your bottom line today! Both books are available in print and instantly on Kindle.

Best Regards, Mike