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    What’s your procedure for receiving food shipments?

    ​Incoming shipments should be checked at your convenience, not the convenience of a hurried driver or delivery person. Food is your raison d’être. If your food cost is 33% it means that 33 cents out of every dollar goes to product and deserves your attention as much if not more than any other costs in your establishment. Careless receiving practices can lead to far too many problems that negatively affect production in terms of quantity, quality projected costs and may even limit your profit.

    Here are 10 tips you might want to consider:

    • Never accept spoiled, damaged goods or broken cases into your establishment
    • Only purchase from approved vendors
    • Check the temperature of incoming items to make sure they are in the recommended safe temperature zones: post a chart on the wall at the receiving dock for quick reference by all
    • Clearly identify the “expiry” or “best before” date on all incoming items
    • Check the details to see that they match! (Quantity ordered and price match the purchase order, invoices with correct prices and extensions)
    • Never sign a receipt for delivery until you are satisfied with the details
    • Note any and all discrepancies right away and follow up with the supplier immediately if any corrections are needed
    • Make sure you have the driver’s signature to identify any returned or rejected items
    • Practice FIFO (First in – First out) while storing
    • Don’t overstock​​

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